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Brine Empress

Brine Empress
Price: £58.50 Ex VAT: £48.75
Colour of Head
Stick or Head
Manufacturer: Brine Lacrosse


Note: Black head comes standard strung with all black pocket, leathers and stringing, not as shown in pic.

Limited Edition Heads
All strung with Silver TXP II pockets and white X-Strings

Your team’s legacy starts here.
Brine has launched it's new women's head ... the Empress. Will prove to be the best ever FIL approved stick that Brine has ever produced!
We regularly get asked about a specific head/ stick for defense or attack/ middie, but with the strict FIL rules on women's sticks the ability to design one specifically for a position is not available compared with men's stick e.g. the new Brine Empress was originally designed as a defensive head for the US market with some features specifically advantageous for a defender. These include upper sidewall ridges to facilitate more effective checks, and a 2-screw throat for stronger fixing to the shaft. However, this head when compared to other FIL sticks performs far better on power of shot, speed of shooting/ passing and accuracy, with the ability for faster flatter passes. It is light with a very narrow sidewall to create a deeper pocket.

  • Long and narrow face shape creates a pocket channel dedicated to control and handling
  • Sidewall structure and design boosts stiffness and creates the flex points defenders crave
  • The Empress stands tall as the most powerful stick in its class
  • Meets US Lacrosse and IFWLA specifications