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Brine King + Clutch 17 Shaft

Brine King + Clutch 17 Shaft
Price: £125.00 RRP: £143.00 - you save £18.00! Ex VAT: £104.17
Colour of Head
Colour of Shaft
Manufacturer: Brine
Website: http://www.brine.com
Brine King (strung) + Clutch 17 Shaft

King Head

The first of its kind King lacrosse head has been scientifically engineered to feature a longer face length and wider scoop allowing for a tighter string down the sidewalls. The Result? A perfect channel for increased shot power and faster transition time out of the pocket.
  • Flat scoop delivers max tension across the top of mesh
  • Face shape & sidewall flare create an angle interacting with flat scoop tension that is perfect for cinching down sidewalls to develop a natural, precision shooting channel
  • The perfect channel means increased ball control and an incredibly consistent release point on every shot
  • Face length is longer than standard lacrosse heads, giving the ball better transition time out of the pocket and increased shot power
  • The new Strategic Core-TechTM sidewall design is built for maximum stability for increased accuracy
  • New throat construction eliminates excess weight in the head while transferring stability from throat to the sidewalls for better ball control
  • Maximum string holes for limitless stringing options

Clutch Shaft 2017 

Brine is giving you one of the lightest shafts you can get your hands on. The Clutch is made up of SL2 Alloy material giving it the super-light feel and performance that you will love. This shaft is designed for speed , allowing you to make faster movements and passes.
  • Speed Die Shape - traditional shape with rounded side edges for natural rotation while cradling
  • SL2 Alloy - light weight performance grade, this alloy is lightweight and quick on offense but also durable enough to stand up to checks on the defensive end
  • Traditional rubber end cap
  • Matte finish
  • Small graphics