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Brine RP3 II + Clutch 17 Shaft

Brine RP3 II + Clutch 17 Shaft
Price: £115.00 RRP: £134.00 - you save £19.00! Ex VAT: £95.83
Colour of Head
Colour of Shaft
Manufacturer: Brine
Website: http://www.brine.com
Brine RP3 II (strung) + Clutch 17 Shaft


The Brine RP3 II Lacrosse Head is the latest addition to the RP3 family. Brine is notorious for producing amazing lacrosse equipment and the RP3 II is sure hold that standard high.

Designed with Brine Pro and MLL 3-time All-Star Rob Pannel for ultimate performance at the highest level of play. Brine included some noticeable improvements with an impressive array of new lacrosse technology displayed in the RP3 II. Vari-Flex technology is arguably the most noticeable improvement creating controlled flex in strategic sections of the RP3 II. Brine also included their redesigned Core-Tech for the increased strength and durability while also decreasing weight. Tru Offset makes the mid-low pocket the ideal stringing style for peak performance.


  •  New Scoop Design with Vari-Flex insert helps to maintain face shape and improve ball release
  • Re-designed Strategic Core-Tech provides the perfect balance of durability and pocket feel
  • Bottom rail design for mid-low pocket placement for maximum ball control and faster release


Clutch Shaft 2017 

Brine is giving you one of the lightest shafts you can get your hands on. The Clutch is made up of SL2 Alloy material giving it the super-light feel and performance that you will love. This shaft is designed for speed , allowing you to make faster movements and passes.
  • Speed Die Shape - traditional shape with rounded side edges for natural rotation while cradling
  • SL2 Alloy - light weight performance grade, this alloy is lightweight and quick on offense but also durable enough to stand up to checks on the defensive end
  • Traditional rubber end cap
  • Matte finish
  • Small graphics