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Cascade CPX-R

Cascade CPX-R
Price: £174.50 Ex VAT: £145.42
Vent Decal - Optional
Mohawk Decal - Optional
Back Panel - Optional
Chin Strap Colour
Manufacturer: Cascade, Cascade
Website: http://www.cascadehelmets.com, http://www.cascadehelmets.com
  • The CPX-R is an evolution from Cascade's popular CPX helmet
  • The Cascade legacy of style, science and safety is at it's core Cascade designers drew inspiration from automotive design, evidenced by the lines in the helmet -back ridge allows for better weight balance than previous versions.
  • Adjustable fit system inside the shell and an adjustment gear in the back
  • SevenTech Liner System laterally displaces energy from a direct impact, reducing the effects of G forces - a major cause of concussions
  • SPRfit Hardtail
  • Adjustable one-size fits most players and allows for easy adjustments between XS and XL
  • Customise using Cascade's customiser - http://sporthelmets.com/cpx.swf
We normally would intend to hold stock of all-black or all-white CPX-R's.

Custom helmets are assembled to order in the USA and can take from 10-14 days for delivery.
If we agree to restock any ordered helmet there will be a handling fee applied.