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Cascade PolyAir - Special Offer

Cascade PolyAir - Special Offer
Price: £35.00 RRP: £42.50 - you save £7.50! Ex VAT: £29.17
Manufacturer: Cascade
Website: http://www.sporthelmets.com/about.php
Cascade Ploy Air - Special Offer - Limited Time 

Outer Sight Bar Technology- VISION
The low profile aerospace grade stainless bar allows a crisp view of ground balls and up-field action Safety is queen
Meets ASTM standard for women’s lacrosse
(60 mph ball impact) Vision, seeing is believing…and dominating
Hybrid Materials -COMFORT
Sophistication and innovation wrapped up in a little package that delivers downward and periferal views
Co-Poly frame delivers incredible reduction in weight for all-day comfort
Over 55% lighter than competitors
If it’s heavy, it can’t be comfy
Geometry Matters -FIT
Feminine frame contours that provide a precise and comfy fit
Unbeatable V strap design that’s proven itself over and over; It’s a cinch, literally
Clean and comfortable. Anatomically right, anti-microbial fit foam