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Posted on Monday, 17 November 2014 06:49PM by
cascade_polyarc.jpg CASCADE POLYARC 
From the company that invented the modern lacrosse goggle, comes it’s latest addition … the Cascade PolyArc. The addition of a Poron XRDTM Foam liner offers maximum comfort with the ability to dissipate linear force from low energy impacts. The new Titanium mask of the PolyArc Titanium reduces weight and adds strength.

In the words of Jenna Abelli, Cascade’s Category Line Manager, “At Cascade, we strive to develop products that reflect the changing game of women’s lacrosse – players are continually becoming faster, stronger and more agile. The new PolyArc combines the Cascade goggle heritage in protection with the additional performance that the game demands today”
“A main focus of the PolyArc development was to dial in on the face fit and comfort in order to provide the optimal player experience on the filed. The advanced design of the PolyArc Titanium provides additional protection at a lighter weight, which is key for reaching top performance”