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Dynasty Warp Pro KO Pocket (Kylie Ohlmiller) - Complete Stick

Dynasty Warp Pro KO Pocket (Kylie Ohlmiller) - Complete Stick
Price: £210.00 Ex VAT: £175.00
Manufacturer: Brine Lacrosse
Website: http://www.brine.com

Dynasty Warp Pro KO Pocket (Kylie Ohlmiller)

  • We are proud to introduce our expanded Pro line of Warp pockets that caters to each person's unique style of play!
  • The Dynasty Warp Pro KO was designed and developed by Kylie Ohlmiller herself!
  • The KO pocket features the high sweet spot pattern with a tighter shooting string for maximum power.
  • Customised tension zones are built in a U patern around the sweet spot for hold.
  • A textured knit pocket provides enhanced feel & hold for the advanced player.
  • Warp pocket technology for consistent performance that is game-ready off the shelf.
  • Premium material blend pocket performs in all weather conditions.
  • LOC-Throat head insert tailored specifically for the women game providing the ultimate fit between the head and handle/shaft
  • Features our new MINIMUS CARBON handle with a high-strength, lightweight carbon composite weave design making this one of the lightest stick in our line
  • Shape - octagonal, Size - mid-diameter
  • The Warp Heads Loc Throat Technology means this head will only fit on hollow shafts and not those with capped or enclosed ends