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Mark Millon: Change of Direction Dodging

Inside Lacrosse is teaming up with lacrosse legend Mark Millon on a series of instructional videos from his Millon Lacrosse Camps, honoring his 20 years in the instructional camp business. The National Lacrosse Hall of Famer and longtime NLL, MLL and U.S. Team star is holding camps this summer in Baltimore, Ohio, Long Island, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. Sign up at MillonLacrosse.com.

In this installment, Mark talks about change-of-direction dodging. He notes that these particular types of dodges are best suited for smaller, quicker players. Some of the keys to successful change-of-direction dodging include: leg strength, selling the fake, protecting your stick and timing your move with the defenseman's checks. Watch the video above for Mark's on-camera explanation and example, dodging against MLL great Nicky Polanco.