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StringKing Mark 2 Womens

StringKing Mark 2 Womens
Price: £110.00 Ex VAT: £91.67
Head Position
Head Colour
Manufacturer: StringKing
Website: http://www.stringking.com

StringKing Womens Mark 2 Heads

  • The lightweight Mark 2 Offence women's lacrosse head features an aggressive offset and tighter face shape, which work with the high sweet spot and responsive construction of Type 4 mesh to create the perfect offensive weapon.
  • StringKing removed unnecessary material on the Mark 2 Offence to creat a lightweight women's lacrosse head that delivers speed and consistency, while the aerodynamic Type 4 pocket reduces drag.
  • The open channel and responsive construction of Women's Type 4, combined with the aggressive return and tighter face shape of the Mark 2 Offence, give you even more control and better feel with the ball in your stick.
  • The sidewall profile of the head and varied diamond construction of the mesh help creat a more focused high pocket that loads the ball in the sweet sport for faster, more accurate shots.

  • The Mark 2 Midfield women's lacrosse head features a lightweight construction, moderate face shape, and versatile offset to dominate both ends of the lacrosse field.
  • A lighter lacrosse head means faster hands and harder shots, The Mark 2 Midfield delivers the speed you want without sacrificing strength you need.
  • A moderate face shape and sidewall design help the Mark 2 Midfield women's lacrosse head deliver consistent performance on both ends of the field.
  • A side profile and stringing holes on the Mark 2 Midfield help any lacrosse player creat the type of pocket that best suits their style of play.

  • The Mark 2 Defence women's lacrosse head features a light and stiff construction with a moderate side profile and more forgiving face shape to help you maintain possession.
  • The Mark 2 Defence delivers consistent performance with a stiff design perfect for blocking passes, attacking ground balls and pushing transition.
  • With a more gradual sidewall offset and wider gface ship the Mark 2 Defence lacrosse help helps you gain and hold possession on both end of the field.
  • The stiff and rounded scoop of the Mark 2 Defence lacrosse head helps you attack loose balls with confidence from any angle.

All heads come strung in StringKing Womens Type 4 Mesh