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StringKing Performance Goalie Mesh Kit - Grizzly 2

StringKing Performance Goalie Mesh Kit - Grizzly 2
Price: £47.50 Ex VAT: £39.58
Manufacturer: StringKing
Website: http://stringkinglacrosse.com/
Grizzly 2X Semi Hard Mesh is for goalies who prefer a harder pocket for even sharper outlets

Grizzly 2S Semi Soft is for goalies who prefer the softer pocket and more rebound control
  • Our lightest and most responsive goalie mesh yet offers unmatched rebound control, faster hands, and a consistent release.
  • Speed - Faster Hands means more saves. That why Grizzly 2 lacrosse goalie mesh is 20% lighter than Grizzly 1for quicker reactions and more stops
  • Tri Twist Technology - increase the texture and elasticity of the mesh giving you more control and letting up fewer rebounds
  • Feel - Grizzly 2 Goalie Mesh is more responsive than ever, letting you react to the ball and giving you more feel
  • Strength - Bri Twist technology creates a durable construction in Grizzly 2 Mesh giving you high performance with a pocket that will last.
  • 6 Month durability guarantee
About StringKing:
StringKing was founded to solve a simple problem - lacrosse mesh and pockets perform inconsistently. Through industry leading manufacturing, advanced P2™ fibers, and our patent-pending TRUE-DIAMOND™ technology, we've engineered the most consistent, highest performing mesh ever created.
Whether it's hot or cold, wet or dry, the season opener or the championship game, you can trust your StringKing mesh to perform at the highest level every single day. The #1 mesh in college lacrosse and official mesh supplier of the MLL—there’ s a reason why the best trust StringKing.