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StringKing Performance Mesh Kit - TYPE 4

StringKing Performance Mesh Kit - TYPE 4
Price: £29.50 Ex VAT: £24.58
Sidewall 1
Sidewall 2
Sidewall 3
Sidewall 4
Bottom Lace
Shooter Lace 1
Shooter Lace 2
Shooter Lace 3
Shooter Cord 1
Manufacturer: StringKing, StringKing
Website: http://stringkinglacrosse.com/, http://stringkinglacrosse.com/


The new standard for performance lacrosse mesh. Designed to be lighter, tighter and thinner, Type 4 delivers faster shots, more control, and better feel. 


  • Semi-soft 
  • 17 grams 
  • For players who prefer a softer, shifting pocket with increased feel 

  • Semi-hard 
  • 19 grams 
  • For players who prefer a more rigid pocket with a smoother release 


  • 1 Type 4s Mesh 
  • 4 Sidewall Strings 
  • 1 Bottom Lace 
  • 3 Shooting Laces 
  • 2 Shooting Cords 

Why StringKing Type 4? 

  • Introducing Tri-Twist. New Tri-Twist technology makes Type 4 the most advanced mesh ever. Twisting three individual fibers before weaving them together increases feel and control, reduces weight and gives you faster shots. 
  • Unmatched control. Tri-Twist gives Type 4 the perfect amount of texture and elasticity. Experience more feel and control than ever before. 
  • A more responsive pocket. The channel of Type 4 has a slightly thinner construction than the outer rails. This creates a pocket that reacts to your play to keep the ball right where you want it. 
  • Faster shots. Type 4 is StringKing’s thinnest and lightest mesh yet. It forms a versatile, responsive pocket for better ball control and increases head speed for more powerful shots. 
  • Generations of performance. StringKing spent more than 2 years working on Type 4, rebuilding their manufacturing from the ground up. The result is the most advanced and highest-performing mesh money can buy.