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Warrior Regulator Ballistic Mesh

Warrior Regulator Ballistic Mesh
Price: £12.50 Ex VAT: £10.42
Manufacturer: Warrior Lacrosse
Website: http://www.warriorlacrosse.com

Performance Mesh White Lacrosse Stringing Piece

Super durable mesh built for maximum power - thicker construction with coating for a more powerful release.

Military grade ballistic fiber construction with a lightweight coating for added durability and memory. Lighter than traditional hard mesh.
  • Weight: 28 grams
  • Sits nicely in the head - holds shape.
  • Ballistic mesh can be the bridge from hard mesh to the newer product types.
  • No more fabric softener or shaving cream tricks to soften rock hard mesh.
  • Durable.

Made in the USA!