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Women's Pocket Rules

FIL Women’s Pocket Rules
There has been a great deal of discussion recently concerning the legality of pockets used with women's sticks, and again the simple answer is that if it's on the FIL list then it's legal for play within the UK, and all countries playing under FIL rules.

Traditional pockets comprising 4 leather thongs and nylon cross-strings are legal provided that specific rules outlined by the FIL, are adhered to.

A variety of pre-sewn advanced pockets, where all, or two of the leather thongs are replaced with a stitched nylon pocket are also legal, and those approved pockets are depicted in the FIL download available from the link below.

Any FIL approved pocket may be strung in any FIL approved head, so a mix of brands is possible provided both the head and pocket are on the FIL approved list.

There are a number of pockets which are not FIL approved e.g. the STX Runway, and more recently the deBeer Gripper and Trakker Pro pockets have come under scrutiny when strung with two cut-off outer leathers. This style of stringing with cut-off leathers will become illegal under FIL rules from 31st December, 2012. From the 1st January, 2013, the outside leather must pass through the bottom of the head, extending 5.1 cms, and be tied off.

The ELA have sought to address the issue of this ruling by announcing a step-wise implementation of the new rule ...

Players must be using legal sticks by the following dates:
1st January 2013 - Centex and National Squads
1st September 2013 - Regional events (Senior and Junior)
1st September 2014 - All other events including National Schools, NUCCS and National League Championships.

However, that does not solve the fact that most, if not all, sticks strung with cut-off leathers will be too deep at the throat end. Any effort to adjust this will invariably mean that there is little or no pocket in the middle of the head! Be prepared for those stick checks.

UKLacrosse are always monitoring the FIL developments, so please feel free to call us for advice if you feel concerned about any style of pocket or stringing.