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Brine Lacrosse Dynasty Elite II International Head - Pre-Pimped


Brine Lacrosse Dynasty Elite II International Head - Pre-Pimped

UKLacrosse were the first in Europe to bring fully customisable stringing to the women's game.

Now we are making it easier for you to get hold of the head you want strung in the design you want. We are holding stock of some specific designs and styles in order to provide a faster service in getting your stick into your hands.

Check out the pictures above for our current offerings and designs.

Simply scroll through the images above, choose your favourite, then select the corresponding number from the drop-down selection!

If you don't see one you like, you can still choose your own design through our custom stringing 'Pimp Your Stick' page.

Brine Lacrosse Dynasty Elite II International Head

  • Featuring Core-Tech™ for weight reduction and Mirror-Tech™ along the top rail for reduced bar thickness & reinforced stiffness on ground balls.
  • Enhanced sweet spot with new sidewall design raises the control angle for improved pocket formation at the sweet spot and quick release.
  • New Flex Pocket features Grid-Flex design which allows the ball to sit naturally in the sweet spot of the pocket.
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