Brine Lacrosse Dynasty Elite II International Head

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Brine Lacrosse Dynasty Elite II International Head

Note: Black head comes standard strung with an all-black pocket, leathers, and stringing, not as shown in the picture. Limited Edition heads are all strung as shown in the pictures.

Custom Stringing option may be ordered. Choose 'Pimp Your Dynasty' and then choose the colour options for Pocket, Top String, X-Strings and Shooters.

  • Featuring Core-Tech™ for weight reduction and Mirror-Tech™ along the top rail for reduced bar thickness & reinforced stiffness on ground balls.
  • Enhanced sweet spot with new sidewall design raises the control angle for improved pocket formation at the sweet spot and quick release.
  • New Flex Pocket features Grid-Flex design which allows the ball to sit naturally in the sweet spot of the pocket.
  • Mod Pocket features a full leather channel which provides a softer, more supple feel than synthetic pockets. The one-piece leather channel provides enhanced durability. MOD shape is designed to drive and hold the ball in the sweet spot area.
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