Cascade Lacrosse CPX-R Helmet


Due to a recent surge in unforeseen demand, Cascade is not currently able to take any new CPX-R model helmet orders. Please contact us to enquire about any stock helmets or browse our alternative options.

Dependable performance. Proven impact management. The CPX-R helmet utilizes Cascade’s patented SevenTechnology™ liner with a fully adjustable Hardtail SPRfit™ system.

Cascade Lacrosse CPX-R

Dependable performance. Proven impact management. The CPX-R helmet utilises Cascade’s patented SevenTechnologyTM liner with a fully adjustable Hardtail SPRfitTM system.


The SevenTechnology™ liner system is a ground-breaking impact attenuation system designed to more effectively manage energy transfer from direct high energy impacts. On impact, the Seven Technology liner system compresses to laterally displace energy and within seconds, it completely resets to ready for the next impact.


The complimentary HDPE housing that Seven Technology needs to do it’s magic. The R Series Shell brings a never-before-seen level of aggression and speed grounded in Cascade DNA. Venting, Chine Lines and Counterbalance.


The high-performance evolution of the SPRfit (Swiss Precision Ratchet). The same bombproof components of our groundbreaking system housed by an HDPE case.


A Visor, Mask and Chin system that defines tight and light. No nonsense, just lines that allow you to play your game.

Build your custom coloured helmet here (

Custom coloured helmets are assembled to order in North America with an approx lead time of 10-14 days. Please note our returns policy on custom products here ().

We do try to stock all-black and all-white helmets in all sizes, available for immediate dispatch.

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