School's Starter Package 2

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School's Starter Package 2

Brine Lacrosse Empress Head

Note: Black head comes standard strung with an all-black pocket, leathers, and stringing, not as shown in the picture.

Custom Stringing option may be ordered. Purchase 'Pimp Your Stick' product in the same order and then choose the colour options for TXP II Pocket, Top String, X-Strings and Shooters.

  • Long and narrow face shape creates a pocket channel dedicated to control and handling.
  • Sidewall structure and design boosts stiffness and creates the flex points defenders crave.
  • The Empress stands tall as the most powerful stick in its class.
  • Meets US Lacrosse and IFWLA specifications.
  • Comes on Brine C6065 Alloy Shaft.

Stringing Features

  • All Empress heads are strung using the Brine TXP II pocket.
  • TXP II provides exceptional hold and feel.
  • Available in a wide range of colours.
  • Highest quality string material used.

Brine Lacrosse Dynasty II Complete Mesh Stick

  • REINFORCED CORE-TECH along the top rail provides a lightweight feel while enhancing the durability needed on draw controls and groundball pickups.
  • TruOffset increases ball control and shot power while on attack.
  • Maximum release angle for powerful shots.
  • Super V-Scoop grants you pinpoint accuracy in shooting and passing.
  • Strung with a full mesh pocket!
  • Meets US Lacrosse, NFHS & World Lacrosse specifications.

Cascade Lacrosse PolyArc Goggles

Combining comfort, protection, and customisation, the PolyArc outperforms for both field hockey and lacrosse. The silicone beaded strap provides grip to the head so players can stay focused on the game.


  • Silicone-lined strap for ultimate positioning and grip on your head.


  • A lightweight antimicrobial and moisture-wicking foam that conforms to any face shape.


  • Designed to fit a range of face shapes & sizes, the PolyArc’s polycarbonate frame design contours to the face and provides reduced weight & added strength.
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