Boddam Lacrosse Extreme Flex Box Goalie Chest & Arm Pad - Cat 3


Boddam Lacrosse Extreme Flex Box Goalie Chest & Arm Pad - Cat 3

At Boddam we live the game as you do, striving to reach the highest level of the game. Our Pro department continually advances and refines the designs to give you every possible advantage to stop the ball.

The Extreme Flex is overwhelmingly the choice of NLL and pro goalies worldwide.

The proprietary arm and harness design with advanced construction methods engineer the upper as it is today.

Our objective and priority is protecting the goalies.

Maintaining CLA sizing and standards, the Extreme Flex sets the bar as the largest, fully squared shot-blocking upper on the market. Front arm floaters work in unison with the elbow flex points keeping the entire arm square to the shooter.

Arm floaters nest with wing and chest pad achieving a perfect seal to the body giving the goalie the largest possible net coverage.

Technical Information

  • New spine and kidney protector are essential to reduce post and bar rebounds.
  • Enhanced bicep and forearm protectors provide even greater arm balance and mobility.
  • Pro lace arm system allows full arm rotation and maximum throwing ability.
  • Dual harness system uses cantilever engineering keeping shoulders large and square, also provide superior displacement of ball energy.
  • Proprietary harness system adjusts with each goalie allowing largest size while staying within CLA specs.

This product is not a standard stock item and may have to be ordered from Canada. Subject to availability from Boddam, CA.

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