Brine Lacrosse Empress Head - Pre-Pimped


Brine Lacrosse Empress Head - Pre-Pimped

UKLacrosse were the first in Europe to bring fully customisable stringing to the women's game.

Now we are making it easier for you to get hold of the head you want strung in the design you want. We are holding stock of some specific designs and styles in order to provide a faster service in getting your stick into your hands.

Check out the pictures above for our current offerings and designs.

Simply scroll through the images above, choose your favourite, then select the corresponding number from the drop-down selection!

If you don't see one you like, you can still choose you own design through our custom stringing 'Pimp Your Stick' page.

Brine Empress Head

  • Long and narrow face shape creates a pocket channel dedicated to control and handling.
  • Sidewall structure and design boosts stiffness and creates the flex points defenders crave.
  • The Empress stands tall as the most powerful stick in its class.
  • Meets US Lacrosse and IFWLA specifications.

Stringing Features

  • All Empress heads are strung using the Brine TXP II pocket.
  • TXP II provides exceptional hold and feel.
  • Available in a wide range of colours.
  • Highest quality string material used.
  • Strung in house by our own team, who have strung for various national teams and professional players.

We regularly get asked about a specific head/stick for defence or attack/midfield, but with the strict FIL rules on women's sticks the ability to design one specifically for a position is not available compared with a men's stick.

The Brine Empress was originally designed as a defensive head for the US market with some features specifically advantageous for a defender. These include upper sidewall ridges to facilitate more effective checks, and a 2-screw throat for stronger fixing to the shaft.

However, this head when compared to other FIL sticks performs far better on power of shot, speed of shooting/passing, and accuracy with the ability for faster flatter passes. It is light with a very narrow sidewall to create a deeper pocket.

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