Cascade Lacrosse XRS Pro Helmet


The XRS Pro combines all of our best protection-first technology, innovative design characteristics, attention to detail, comfort and style so you can confidently leave it all on the field. Our safest, most comfortable, highest performing helmet. Play Like a Pro. 

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Cascade Lacrosse XRS Pro Helmet

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TOP-TO-BOTTOM SIGHTLINES. How you see the game will never be the same. Experience improved focal range with extended ground views with the inclusion of a second, power-pressed Visionbar.


THE FUTURE OF FASTENERS. Our self-fastening, revolutionary QuikKlip integration offers the speed and convenience players love with a secure fit and magnetized lock they can trust.


LESS EXPOSURE. BETTER FIT. Ergonomically-refined rear panel engineered for long-lasting comfort specifically around the occipital base at the back of the skull. An extended rear panel, revised puck system and supportive neckroll results in a natural and personalized fit for all.

COMFORT WHEN THINGS HEAT UP. We’ve dialed in our sweat management with a dry and light moisture-wicking fabric-over-foam system to keep players comfortable when things get heated.


Exterior double jawbone differentiates more surface area to increase ball impact attenuation.


Optimal ventilation keeps your head safe while allowing cool air in and hot air out.


Precise balance point ergonomically distributes mass so it feels like you’re wearing nothing.


Unify the team with five customizable zones for over 9.6 MILLION color combinations.

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Custom coloured helmets are assembled to order in North America with an approx lead time of 10-14 days. Please note our returns policy on custom products here.

We do try to stock all-black and all-white helmets in all sizes, available for immediate dispatch.

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