Pimp Your Stick - Valkyrie Runner

The Valkyrie Runner brings ultimate ball control, durability and consistency to the game.
The Valkyrie Runner brings ultimate ball control, durability and consistency to the game. 

The Un-Fixed joints of our Valkyrie Runner, offer more feel of the ball, with less resistance points, as the joints flow simultaneously to help maintain control when cradling and catching.  Isolating the ball in the sweet spot, Valkyrie supports it from all angles. 
The distinct "V" taper supports from the bottom, channeling from the sides, with the natural ramp and shooting strings from the top, keeping the ball right where you want it.   The new woven design coupled with the ultra strong and hydrophobic properties of our runner, helps to prevent bagging out of the pocket in any weather.

Your design. Your stick!

UKLacrosse was the first to offer a fully customised women's stick.

Using only the best materials, we will custom string your chosen head to your individual design style. We use only the best materials from StringKing, including the latest and most advanced Type 4 mesh, designed specifically for the women's game.

You pick the head and shaft from the range available under the relevant section and then design and order your custom stringing here.

Simply choose the mesh and string colours you want. We’ll do the rest!

Alternatively, you may order restringing of your own head here, then remove your head from the shaft and send it to us in a box/padded parcel bag, and we’ll restring it for you.*

Please send the head to: UKLacrosse, Global House, Unit 12A, Adlington Business Park, Adlington, SK10 4NL

NB. Please include your name and order number along with your head.

Not sure what pocket type you need? Have any other questions? Call us before ordering for expert advice.

Get your stick strung by the best and see the difference!

NB. Heads are for illustrative purposes only, with all customised elements colour-coded, showing the types of pockets available.

This is a custom stringing service only. Heads must be purchased from the 'Heads & Complete Sticks' section or your current head sent to us for restringing.

We do not supply the restringing components.

*FIL rules state that any approved pocket may be strung in any approved head.

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