Pop-Up Stop That Ball™ - 20FT Ball Stop & Post System


Pop-Up Stop That Ball™ - 20FT Ball Stop & Post System

Prevent the risk of broken windows or damaged foliage by setting this Pop-Up Stop That Ball™ System in your garden before ball games. Available in lengths of 10ft or 20ft, this freestanding ball stop system features a heavy-duty net which is fabricated from 600D polyester with 44mm mesh. This ultra-durable netting is designed to stop any ball in its tracks, ensuring a back garden game of football will not cause damage to the surrounding area. Further increasing this nets strength is its premium binding. Made from 420D Oxford fabric, this ball stop system’s net will not tear when absorbing the force of a sports ball.

  • 10ft tall ball stop system available in lengths of 10ft or 20ft.
  • Heavy-duty net manufactured from knotless 600D polyester with 44mm mesh.
  • Netting is bound by 420D Oxford fabric for increased strength.
  • Powder-coated metal base and 20mm thick fibreglass support poles.
  • Carry bag and ground pegs included for added stability.
  • Takes just 80 seconds to set up.

Supported by an ultra-durable frame, you can rely on this pop-up ball stop system to provide a high level of stability throughout strong winds and intensive use. The system’s frame is manufactured from 1.2mm thick metal which is finished with a black powder coating. This additional powder coating acts as a protective barrier for the frame, preventing any potential rust or corrosion.

Connected to the ball stop system’s base are two fibreglass poles which are 20mm thick. These hard-wearing poles will keep your freestanding system upright when struck by a sports ball, preventing any damage to your ball stop netting and posts. You can also anchor this ball stop netting on soft surfaces thanks to the provided ground pegs. These heavy-duty anchors ensure your pop-up ball stop system will not tip over during strong winds.

Despite the impressive level of durability this pop-up ball stop system offers, it takes just 80 seconds to set up. This quick installation time guarantees you can maximise your playing time without causing unnecessary damage to your surroundings.

Pop-Up Stop That Ball™ Specifications


  • 20ft x 10ft | 6m x 3m.


  • Net: 600D knotless polyester with 44mm mesh bound by 420D Oxford fabric.
  • Frame: 1.2mm thick metal base finished with a black powder coating.
  • Support poles: 20mm thick fibreglass.

Please note that due to the packaging of this product, some scratches may occur on the metal poles during transit. UKLacrosse can not be held responsible for any damage deemed cosmetic where the function of the product is not hindered. If you choose to return the product due to cosmetic damage, such as scratches, UKLacrosse will not cover shipping costs.

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