Professional Lacrosse Goal


Professional Lacrosse Goal

Upgrade your matchday equipment with the 6ft (1.8m) x 6ft (1.8m) Professional Lacrosse Goals. Designed with various features to ensure that you receive prolonged longevity, this premium goal is ideal for competitive use. Each regulation standard goal effectively provides a team with the stability and dependability needed from a goal on the field. With official welded square corners, a galvanised steel frame and sleek orange power coating, the entire structure of these goals have been crafted to guarantee enhanced gameday performance.

  • Professional size 6ft (1.8m) x 6ft (1.8m) lacrosse goals.  
  • The goal's frame is manufactured from 50mm (2 inches) thick, powder-coated galvanised steel.
  • Welded stringing rails and lacing bars run across the goal’s frame for easy net attachment.
  • The professional polyester lacrosse net is 5mm thick with 5/8 inch mesh squares.
  • Designed to be used during all professional men’s and women’s FIL standard lacrosse games and training sessions.
  • Fast assembly with no tools required.
  • Available individually or as a pair of professional lacrosse goals.

The Professional Lacrosse Goals are supplied with a 5mm thick white regulation net that features 5/8-inch mesh squares. These small squares have been perfectly sized to capture each dense lacrosse ball, whilst the extra-deep mouth prevents the balls from rebounding outwards. Additionally, due to the nets impact absorbing properties it will not tear or fray after repeated contact with solid rubber balls. The reinforced border seams provide added strength to the netting and also makes the task of attaching the net to your goal a simple one. 

The net has been designed to easily attach to the welded stringing and lacing rails which are positioned across the entirety of the 6ft (1.8m) x 6ft (1.8m) frame. Whether you plan to use these goals for training sessions or professional games, the Professional Lacrosse Goal is exceedingly easy to assemble as no tools are required. Whilst these goals are simple to build, they are still sturdy structures due to the 50mm steel frame. This thick frame guarantees that your goal will remain stationary throughout gameplay to allow your team to consistently score.

Professional Lacrosse Goal Specifications


  • Height x Width: 6ft (1.8m) x 6ft (1.8m).
  • Frame diameter: 50mm (2 inches).


  • Goal frame: Powder-coated galvanised steel.
  • Net: 5mm thick polyester with 5/8 inch mesh squares.


  • This lacrosse goal can be used in all professional matches.
  • Welded stringing rails tightly attaches the net to the goal.
  • No tools required for assembly
  • Available individually or as pair

Please note: Pro Goals do not qualify for free postage, postage cost can be provided once shipping address is established.

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