School's Starter Package


School's Starter Package

Brine Lacrosse Dynasty Warp Next On C6065 Alloy Shaft

  • Designed for the intermediate player.
  • Reinforced sidewalls create a stiffer flex profile providing maximum control and accuracy.
  • Warp pocket technology provides the most consistent performance, game-ready off the shelf.
  • Warp mid pocket provides control and consistency throughout the entire pocket.
  • Weather-resistant pocket performs in all conditions - no adjustments or maintenance needed.

Cascade Lacrosse PolyArc Goggles

  • Combining comfort, protection, and customisation, the PolyArc outperforms for both field hockey and lacrosse.
  • The silicone beaded strap provides grip to the head so players can stay focused on the game.
  • Silicone-lined strap for ultimate positioning and grip on your head.
  • Designed to fit a range of face shapes & sizes, the PolyArc’s polycarbonate frame design contours to the face and provides reduced weight & added strength.
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