Skills & Drills (Beginners) DVD - Jeff Tambroni


Skills & Drills (Beginners) DVD - Jeff Tambroni

New to lacrosse?

Whether you are a coach, a parent, or a beginning player, Winning Lacrosse: Skills & Drills for the Beginning Player is for you!

Former All-American and Cornell University Head Coach Jeff Tambroni walks you through essential skills, points out common mistakes, and provides proven drills to help beginning players master the basics of lacrosse.

In the DVD, Coach Jeff Tambroni shares a detailed analysis of the game’s most crucial components and walks you through ways you can put his experience into practice.

Subjects include:

  • Cradling Skills & Drills
  • Passing and Catching Skills & Drills
  • Ground Balls Skills & Drills
  • Shooting Skills & Drills
  • Dodging Skills & Drills

In addition to providing clear instruction and highly useful drills, Coach Tambroni concludes each section with a candid conversation about common mistakes made by beginning players and helpful hints for getting the most out of your practices.


"Essential viewing for coaches and players alike."

- David Pietramala, Head Coach, Johns Hopkins University

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