Women Play Lacrosse Book


Women Play Lacrosse Book

A new book on the history of international women's lacrosse will be launched during the FIL U19 Women's World Lacrosse Championships in Edinburgh, Scotland. Women Play Lacrosse – A History of the International Field Game is the first book to capture the 125 plus years of history in women's field lacrosse.

Co-authors Jim Calder and Ron Fletcher have compiled stories on some of the most important players, builders and moments in the women's game. Calder says, "We brought most of our team back from the highly successful Lacrosse – The Ancient Game and the culmination of three years of work is sure to be of great interest to all lacrosse enthusiasts."

A shortlist of material covered in the new work includes: the game's early beginnings throughout the British Empire, structure and direction provided by England, early touring on both sides of the Atlantic, survival of the game through WWII, a look at some of the most famous post-war tours, Title IX and the emergence of the USA as the world power, the creation of world championships and expansion of the game to nations such as Australia, Canada, Japan and the Haudenosaunee.

Readers will get the inside story on some of the international stars and builders of the game. They'll receive a comprehensive look at the organizations and rules that have governed the amazing growth.

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